Introducing Fluxx

The comprehensive grants management platform, connecting your organization
to the data that matters.

Philanthropic organizations are living organisms—they evolve by the second. All facets of your operation exert profound influence on outcomes. Fluxx allows you to interact with each element in real time.

Unified Software Systems

Within many grantmaking organizations, data is funneled into multiple discrete enterprise systems—with Fluxx, these segregated data streams are brought together, fostering entirely new interactions and revolutionary insights.

Usable User Interface

Fluxx allows everyone in your organization to interact with data via custom dashboard views, giving anyone and everyone the perspective, understanding, and tools to leverage the power of information.

Social Work Platform

Both people and data are often walled off into separate silos. Fluxx bridges organizational gaps with practical social features that foster more efficient workflows and catalyze collaboration.

With Fluxx, fragmented solutions and users are brought together to provide an accessible organization-wide perspective that allows users to comprehend and capitalize on their grantmaking data.

Data Delivered

Applying the intuitive Fluxx user interface atop existing enterprise frameworks or as a standalone solution enables a once complex and fractured data structure to become straightforward and usable.

Info at Every Altitude

From program officers and grants managers all the way up to the president, Fluxx’s unified dashboards facilitate a holistic perspective. Focused analysis on the ground is as reliable, and accessible, as high-level insight and inspiration.

Meaningful Relationships

Fluxx connects people, programs, grants, requests, organizations, and more. These relationships are critical, and continually evolving. Fluxx creates an environment where these connections can thrive and are visible across the whole organization.

No grantmaking decision should be made on a hunch—but when analysis reinforces intuition, confidence follows. Fluxx uncovers the logic behind our suspicions and reveals the folly in our inklings—ultimately inspiring a culture of inquisitive and inspired action.

Two Way Data

Fluxx not only combines relationship and grants management in one easily accessible location, it also feeds real time information back upstream to your Fluxx dashboards and your connected software, within or outside of Fluxx.

Analyze & Report

Fluxx provides clear access to decision-making and communication tools based on organizational intelligence. Now you can proceed confidently with the clear direction and shared perspective that only Fluxx can offer.

Work Together

Fluxx lives in the cloud, giving your entire organization access to the power of a unified platform––adaptable workflows, seamless communication, and efficient collaboration, office-wide or worldwide.


Devices HTML5 iOS Android

Plug Into the Power of Your Data

Fluxx is agnostic when it comes to data—all is valuable and all is accessible. So whether you use Fluxx on its own or with other platforms, it provides the deep, intuitive access, in real time.

Power of Your Data

More services are being added daily, and custom integrations are possible as well, so please get in touch with questions or requests.