The Fluxx Team & Product Have Been Time-Tested Worldwide

Fluxx is a San Francisco-based company with a reach that extends far beyond Silicon Valley. Having been successfully implemented far and wide in both the for-profit and nonprofit spaces over many years, we’re revolutionizing how grantmaking works. Developed by philanthropy pros for philanthropy pros, Fluxx provides an uncommonly holistic and grounded perspective born from the energy and enthusiasm of philanthropy.

Join the Fluxx Team

Fluxx is hiring! Are you ready to revolutionize how grantmakers and grantees work together to make the world a better place? Come join the rest of our smart, passionate team.

Our Philosophy

Play Well with Others

At its core, our software should always be robust and open to integrate with other applications, databases, and software.

Make It Easy

Collaborative software only works when everybody uses it. And the best way to get everyone to use it is to make it intuitive and easy to use.

Keep It Simple

We very much believe in a "less is more" approach to user interface design. All screens should be uncluttered with the ability to get to any feature within three clicks. Data should be accessible to any user, regardless of technical capabilities or skill.

Stay Focused

We're building tools to make the grantmaking process easier for everybody involved. This one simple goal should always drive our features and functionality.

Remain Grounded

Our team members are smart, passionate people hailing from a diverse range of disciplines, bringing together the best in design, technology, and philanthropy. What we share is a commitment to making beautiful software solutions that revolutionize the way grantmakers approach systems and processes.


Many of the World’s Top Grantmakers Use Fluxx

Originally developed to solve real-world problems for large non-profits, Fluxx has flourished in the grantmaking space, with many of the worlds top philanthropic organizations currently utilizing this modern work platform to affect positive change across the globe.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society



Council of State Governments

Knight Foundation

Atlantic Philanthropies


Chief Executive Officer

Jason has made it his personal mission to innovate grants management, helping the Energy Foundation and others grant funds and operate more efficiently and collaboratively. Jason built Fluxx (formerly Solpath) from the ground up and continues to lead the vision for product and solution development. Jason has successfully driven other projects in the public sector, including GrantsFire, a searchable grants database that is compiled in real time using information published by grantmakers. He has led design and development for numerous online projects at startups, established companies, and non-profits, including: The Energy Foundation, The Packard Foundation, The Case Foundation, The 100 People Foundation, Microsoft, Washington Mutual, Chase Manhattan,, Compaq, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Sprout, and Sony. Jason earned his B.A. in Art and Design from North Carolina State University.


Chief Technology Officer

Eric is a seasoned software developer with more than fifteen years of experience working with startups and Fortune 500 companies. He is an expert on server-side web development. Before joining Fluxx, Eric was CTO at Gydget, where he created and scaled a widget platform for more than 1,600 music artists. He has worked as a lead developer and senior software engineer for the following companies: Wells Fargo Internet Services Group, NetSuite, Fannie Mae, Via Carla, Digital Impact, Charles Schwab, Preview Travel, and Pacific Bell. He earned a B.S. in Computer Science and Russian Studies from Grinnell College, Iowa, and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of San Francisco.


Chief Architect

Andrew's relationship with Internet-related technologies began as a teenager when he created and maintained a bulletin board system using a TI 99/4A computer, 300 baud modem and his own custom software. With over 25 years of experience developing user-interface software, Andrew has engaged in a wide range of technology positions from managing IT upgrades and deployments in corporate and startup environments to running his own company. A pioneer in the Internet world, Andrew founded the first Internet service provider on Cape Cod in 1994. Prior to working with Fluxx, Andrew worked as a senior engineer at Sprout, where he developed Flash code for WYSIWYGs and back-end coding for media distribution. Additionally, Andrew spent 8 years as CTO at intraMedia as well as occupying systems administration and senior engineering positions at AutoDesk and Sprout. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Math from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Chief Operating Officer

Kerrin is a management consultant with international experience in operations focusing on the intersection of business and technology. She leads the Fluxx Services team, helping organizations to develop strategy, workflow design, performance measurement, and information systems. Previously, Kerrin worked as VP of Operations at Sprout, where she was responsible for converging customer and market requirements into product development, client services, and operations. Prior to that she spent seven years at Cisco Systems in Finance and Operations. Kerrin graduated from Duke University with a B.S. in Economics and holds advanced certificates from Stanford and University of California, Santa Cruz.