Functionality You Expect, Insights You've Never Imagined

At the heart of Fluxx is a robust CRM engine, connecting all of your data to the people and organizations you work with. Seamlessly tying together the work you do and the people you do it with allows Fluxx to go far beyond simply storing relationships; it also integrates your grantmaking activities to reveal opportunities and connections you didn't know existed.


Google Account Authentication and Integration with Google Maps & Docs

Fluxx is seamlessly integrated with Google apps—fold your Google Docs, Maps, Gmail and beyond right into your everyday workflow within Fluxx.

Google docs and spreadsheets, accessible, editable and sharable all within Fluxx - accessed using the same username and password you use for Gmail.

Use the Google tools and interface right inside of Fluxx. Whether a quick edit or lengthy collaboration, keep your workflow efficient with tightly integrated Google services.

Attach Google Docs to any record in Fluxx. Google Docs can be viewed and edited directly within Fluxx. Add workflows, or connect to any other records.


Fluxx Organizational Intelligence Tools Are Optimized for Today's Funders

Created by philanthropy professionals for philanthropy professionals, Fluxx modernizes the way we work. Just as the immanently usable and intuitively designed products we've all come to love have revolutionized communication and entertainment, Fluxx provides an entirely new ethos for funders of all sizes, enabling productive, fulfilling, even enjoyable work.


Fluxx automates the entire grant lifecycle, from initial request through grant approval and reporting. Instead of a complex maze of 'he does this, then she does that, then I do this...', Fluxx facilitates workflows that feel simple, linear, and fast. Adaptable and customizable, paired with real time updates, Fluxx reins in a previously ungainly, organic process - and allows you to focus on grant giving, not paper pushing.


Today's world happens in real time. Whether it's news, entertainment, or hospitality, we expect our needs to be met instantaneously. Your organization's data should be no different. Creating and digging through complex and lengthy reports is a thing of the past. With Fluxx, the same depth and breadth of insight is offered through customized dashboards. With multiple data views, real time reporting, and sophisticated filtering, Fluxx instantaneously (and continuously) presents a holistic visualization of your data. Now, the story is yours for the telling.