Fluxx is A Real Solution, Ready To Change the Way you Work Today

Fluxx was built from the ground up to manage real teams, real problems, and real work. It is a revolutionary user interface refined through real world deployment at multiple $100M+ philanthropic organizations. Fluxx's continued development is informed and improved through real customer use and feedback from all levels of users across dozens of established organizations. The system works and works well—find out how well for yourself, get in touch today.

Who Uses Fluxx?

Fluxx is uniquely adaptable—from small agencies to government organizations, the platform offers an evolved interface, adaptable to nearly any professional environment. Here are just a few examples:

Small & Medium Businesses

Run Fluxx as a standalone platform, in conjunction with third party business and social apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, JIRA, Mailchimp, Linkedin and more.

Foundations & Nonprofits

Streamline your grants management process. Track all of your requests, contacts, payments and reports in one collaborative system.

Anyone. Everyone.

Customized Access = Confidence

Each and every Fluxx user, regardless of focus, can configure multiple dashboards - customizing their experience specifically to their needs. This personalization translates to a platform far more accessible and actionable. Instead of knowledge and access being bottlenecked behind over-burdened IT staff, data is liberated and approachable across all levels of your organization.


Powerful, Adaptable, Extensible, and Get This—Understandable and Usable!

Fluxx not only aims to provide a tool that allows you to interact more effectively with your data, but through our unique implementation process, our team builds confidence and understanding beyond the data sphere. Fluxx analysts work intimately with you to clearly define needs, outline operations, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement with Fluxx. Below are the three primary steps to every Fluxx enterprise implementation.

Business Process Analysis

INITIATE: Starting with a holistic review of operations, Fluxx's Business Process Analysis is aimed at understanding and validating organizational strategy and goals. Reviewing all documentation related to workflows, systems, and data, Fluxx analysts work with clients to define requirements and recommend an approach to evolve organizational capabilities.

OBSERVE: Through candid conversations and facilitated inverviews Fluxx obtains feedback on workflows and general operations from key stakeholders. These informal discussions expose and verify critical paths for execution of business processes organization-wide.

DESIGN & MAP: All mission-critical workflows are mapped and carefully assessed to optimize efficiency, evolve reporting, eliminate errors, and accelerate end-to-end critical path processing. Fluxx analysts generate as-is and recommended critical path workflow documents to be used as the blueprints for technical development and configuration.

Subscription & Support

SUBSCRIPTION: Subscription fees are assessed at a fixed rate per month and are billed monthly according to annual service contracts. Cloud-serviced hosting, support and all updates are included in monthly subscription feeds and resources are dynamically provisioned with full security, backups, and systems administration.

SUPPORT: Organizations using Fluxx are assigned dedicated customer service representatives to ensure quick resolution on both technical and strategic questions. Fluxx representatives, analysts, and engineers are available to all subscribers to provide ongoing support, detailed documentation, and continued staff trainings.

DATA NIRVANA: Through the fresh view of Fluxx Organizational Process Analysis and use of the software itself, Fluxx helps companies better understand themselves. Improved self-awareness fosters users who are confident, informed, and curious— primed for the level of enlightenment only possible with true data understanding.